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The Chaotic Silence | Vol 3.0 | Bali

The idea.

The chaotic silence series in Bali I decided to shoot the first part at the mystique beaches of Bali not because it's Bali ! and how can I not shoot at the beach but  somehow always found peace in the chaos of crashing wave. Every time a wave crashes on the shore it feels like sea has something to share, all those tales of men lived the wisdom of the ocean and the sky. And all that the man is unaware only if he listens to the whispers of the wind within maybe he will know the answers. And this is all what I wanted to try to capture. 

The people.

The plan was crazy as I was looking for someone who could meet me on the same day I land and travel with me to the south of Bali to explore locations and shoot and this was the only time I had cause I had to leave for Gili the next day. I did contact a lot of agencies but most of would be only willing to collaborate for an hour or two maximum and not for the whole day almost 8-10 hours. After not hearing back from many agencies I asked my model - friend Sundal from London who had previously worked with me on the London series to suggest me some agencies as she had worked earlier in Bali. Out of which Jul from Fauve Talents happen to be interested on the project knowing the fact the project is just based out of love for creating art ! 

Out of all the beautiful ladies Jul's sent me I chose to work with Katya. And like a sweet marriage she chose to work with me as well inspite of the chaotic schedule.

And as predicted the day had a messy start with my flight being 3 hours delayed and me almost losing my phone at the airport somehow managed to cross through the Bali festive traffic I managed to reach the hotel only by 3 pm which was already too late to shoot. By the time I would reach any decent beach in the south It would be almost sunset. Yet taking the odd, Katya met me at the hotel as soon as she could and we left and it was definitely worth the shot we almost made it at sunset. Which infact is the beauty of these shots the beautiful colours of the sky post sunset add to the feel of the character we were trying to create. 


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