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Opportunity multiplies as you seize them, grabbing hold of every opportunity to get a head start in life. Sehrish started her journey young at the age of 15 years as a fashion photographer in 2009.

She began her career as one of India's youngest female photographers to have worked in the beauty & fashion industry.
Since then Sehrish has been fortunate to work with some incredible people, both in front of and behind the camera. Even got the opportunity to learn and train under industries renown photographer Sapan Narula, Alexandra Coopley and Toranj Kavyon. 

Along with stills came the love for moving pictures that is cinematography. She pursued Film making with specialization in Cinematography. “Love for camera wasn’t the only thing I loved, I loved interacting with people understanding my clients and what they want and how I could deliver their needs the best way I can”.

On the path of her creative journey, she discovered the passion for advertising along with photography and took a plunge into this world of unparalleled creativity. Having worked as an indispensable part of the biggest creative giants in the domain like Ogilvy and JWT, Sehrish then went on to pursue a Masters degree in Marketing Management and start her entrepreneur venture

"Its been quite a journey of exploring from living my passion in photography to my entrepreneur venture and let me tell you this is just the start." quotes Sehrish

I am not someone who believes in goals and ambitions . I let life surprise me, with a simple belief work hard, do what you love, give in your best and success would follow. I simply want to achieve happiness through my passion.

My love passion, oxygen is photography, hence you could call me a photographer, artist, or someone who’s living my passion and still exploring with thirst to do better with every frame, every client, the need to learn more, and improve at every stage is my passion". - S

A photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur and still exploring.

Highlights in Sehrish's Career

  • Higher Education Forum - HEF Young Entrepreneurship award 2020

  • Speaker at Tedx

Topic: Jack of all Master of one; August 2017


  • Photographer of the Month - Exhibit Magazine April 2016 issue.

  • Featured on Homegrown as 11 Young Indians Who Are Leading Double Lives.
  • Guest faculty and speaker at various photography seminars at FX school.
  • Judged photography competition for Horlicks Wiz kids 2010 Interschool Competition

Judged Fashion show at Orion the Annual Management Sports & Cultural Festival of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune.

  • Interview on FM Radio city 91.1 with RJ Pulkit and Harshit

  • Speaker at Event show Asia on the topic 'Transforming Ideas that Impact Experiences'. 
  • Book at Human Library
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  • Live Interview on Sahara samay news channel - Mumbai Tadka
As a young upcoming photographer on the issue about a 10 year old Thylane Blondeau who posed for French VOGUE.
  • Write up in Complete Television Magazine in women’s day special issue as upcoming photographer.
  • Interview for
  • Photographer guest at Mtv

  • Felicitated by DSIMS B School for my Entrepreneurial journey

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