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The Chaotic Silence series.

We live in this ever hustling world, full of timelines and deadlines. Somewhere trying to find solace in the chaos. When I first started photography it was all about what made me happy as an artist, but somewhere in this commercial world it all comes down to what makes the most turnover. Well of course happiness doesn't buy you food. Keeping aside the good ol argument of whether money buys you happiness or not.

I decided to create images that were made purely of passion for the art.

Combining things I love travel, people, fashion and photography I started working on the series "The chaotic silence" in 2016. The sole idea was to collaborate with people, people across globe, who believed in the art I was trying to create and more than that believe in their art and what they do the best.

The shoots are based on pure collaboration to make art with no exchange of any commodity. It's been a beautiful experience to meet people artist across nations people who I have never met before or known before and yet have come forward to make this series happen.

The chaotic silence photo series will be talking about the journey and people. Leaving a part of them in every picture.

The concept of the photo series is as simple as to try to capture little of the sole in the chaotic world.

Currently we have successfully shot the series in London, Dubai, Bali, India and target to shoot it across the globe and hope to compile all of this into a book someday.

The chaotic silence


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